Jade Roller

Jade Roller


Jade Roller

Use the Jade Roller for a lymphatic massage as part of your skincare routine helps to eliminate toxins, reduce puffiness, and improve blood circulation to even out skin tone. Also, works great when combined with one of our facial oils as a way of working the oil more deeply into the skin for deeper penetration of nutrients and increased skin benefits.

JADE Roller Benefits:

Improve blood circulation and skin tone

Improves elasticity of the skin

Promotes lymphatic drainage

Reduces puffiness and wrinkles

Reduces dark under eye circles

Eliminates toxins

Great for sinus and headahes

For extra cooling benefits pop in the fridge two minutes before use.

To use: Use on cleansed skin morning or evening. Roll in upwards and outwards strokes, against gravity. The small stone is perfect for the delicate eye area. The larger stone can be used for the rest of face and neck.


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